When it comes to treating Hamilton County roads from winter elements, it takes one part science and one part experience, according to TDOT's District 29 Operations Supervisor Chris Smith.

“Brine is kind of funny, if you put too much salt in it or too little, you change the freezing point. So we're afraid if we put brine down, it will actually end up freezing,” Smith said, “It's just finding the happy medium.”

After working around the clock early this week, crews are getting some much needed rest before gearing up for the next round of winter weather.

“We'll load the trucks back and up and sit and wait for the snow to show up,” he said.

Smith says salt and brine already cover about 600 miles of state roads in Hamilton County and will be ready to hit the road again at the first sight of snow.

But that means that some of the more rural areas and subdivisions may not have been treated, so as always, you should lean on the side of caution as this next round of weather hits.

When driving in snow
wants you to remember:

- Accelerate and decelerate slowly to keep from losing traction.

- Avoid stopping.

- Don't power up hills to avoid tires from spinning.

All in an effort to keep roadways dry and you safe.

“We actually use salt as a trying agent after the event is over with. We'll put enough down so the roads will dry,” Smith said.