One Chattanooga couple decided not to get married in a church, but rather, one of their favorite places to eat.

Jeff and Wanda Marks went to the Waffle House and ordered up one wedding, smothered with love.

Surrounded by friends and family, they say they wouldn't have wanted to say their vows anywhere else.

"Well I've been coming here for over 10 years and all the girls here have become daughters and when they found out we were getting married, they didn't want me to go anywhere else," said Jeff.

Not to mention, he met his new-bride for the first time at the Waffle House. So it really was the perfect venue.

"Couldn't be happier, “said Jeff.

“I am so happy, it's just a blessing," said Wanda.

Even though it was hosted inside the restaurant, they decided to have a wedding cake and forego a stack of waffles. "That would have been pushing it a little bit," said Jeff.

They say nothing could have spoiled their day, not even a little weather.

"Nothing was going to stop me. We depend on Paul. Paul is our go-to guy, too bad he couldn't make it," said Jeff and Wanda.

The happy couple says their “waffley wedded vows" hit the spot.

"I hope the happiness rubs off on other people. Pay it forward, that's all I ask," said Jeff.