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Making plans for children when school is closed or delayed

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School systems in Tennessee and North Georgia decided to close Tuesday because of winter weather, leaving parents to find about 8 hours of something, maybe anything, for their kids to do.

Instead of kids being out on the playground, families had to make other plans for the day.  

Hamilton County schools are delayed Wednesday because of the winter weather, along with several other counties in Tennessee and North Georgia. Some of the local school systems were already closed because of winter break.

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"I woke up, my parents left, we did our chores and then we came down here!" said 3rd-Grader Taylor Parry.
When schools close Taylor relies on her older sister Meg to watch her for the day.

"I mean both my parents work so whenever we don't have school on a weekday," said 10th grader Meg Parry, "We just hang out with each other."
Older students who don't need a babysitter find ways to stay busy, including a list of chores.

"I have chores to do, yeah I got to clean my room, clean my house, stuff like that," said 9th-grader Ben Greenwell.
Other families have fewer options. Find child care, take their kids to work with them, or stay at home for the day like the Fowler family.

"But days like this, where there's not that routine of school, or we know what we're doing, then they're feeling a little more lost," said Wren Fowler, "And as a parent, you're like well what should we plan?"
It might be more difficult for parents but for the kids, it's all fun and games.

"I kind of feel free," said her son Judah Fowler, "Like I can play with any kind of toys I want."
But Fowler says any kind of inconvenience is well worth the extra quality time at home.

"But at the same time you're happy to have these kind of days because it means being able to share that time with them," Fowler said, "To spend that time with them, just another reinforcement that you love them."

More winter weather is expected for Wednesday and the rest of the week, to keep up to date on school closings and the weather download our WRCB news and weather apps.

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