It's déjà vu for crews at the Chattanooga Public Works Department, spending Tuesday filling up on brine again. They're getting ahead of the storm with more winter weather expected this week.

"We'll run our higher elevations, bridge routes, schools, hospitals, fire halls," says deputy director Tony Boyd. "We'll run that same brine route that we ran prior to this event."

Many areas of the Tennessee Valley iced over from freezing rain Monday, but a couple degrees made all the difference leaving plain old rain for most people. Then roads dried off a lot overnight.

"The wind helped us out a bunch last night," adds Boyd.

Some memories of their hard work are left behind if you look around town.

"As you can see, the white residue is still on the street in a lot of places. So that stayed and helped us out, too," says Boyd.

But there's still plenty of work to be done pre-treating as many roads as possible within city limits, including portions of state routes.

If the snow arrives, they switch to salt and sand.

"Now it's just dealing with the next round and cold temperatures," explains Boyd.

With snow chances coming Wednesday and possibly again Friday night, crews will be working overtime all week long.