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Athens beginning to ice over

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It's going to be cold this week and we won't get a break from frigid temperatures for several days.
As the day rolls on, conditions are deteriorating in many counties across our viewing area.
In McMinn County, businesses and restaurants closed early.  Even the county courthouse sent workers home early ahead of the storm.

Rain started falling between 10 and 11 Monday morning, freezing onto elevated surfaces.
Icicles have been forming on cars, trees, power lines, just about any objects off the ground.
Main roads have held up pretty well, but slick spots have developed on sidewalks and parking lots, so just walking can be risky.
Because of the steady freezing rain persisting, some downtown businesses decided to play it safe and close early, like Angela's Cuban Restaurant.

Ava Hughes, Angela's employee, "I live about a mile from the restaurant. When I was driving into work my windows were icing up as I was driving. So when I came in I said to Angela, I don't know how long we actually need to be open."

They closed around 2:00 p.m. Icy conditions are expected to continue tonight.

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