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Ice causing trees to snap in Rhea County

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The ice had weighed trees down so much, they snapped and landed right in the middle of the road.

It could have easily made for a bad situation. Brock Gould says he almost hit the tree himself, but thankfully missed it. That's why he wanted to make sure no one else had to try and do the same.

"Small acts of kindness, who you are when no one is looking," said Brock Gould.

Gould says that was a trait his grandfather taught him.

"He would try his best to do whatever he could to get it out of the road," said Gould.

"I just started pushing the tree out of the road the best that I could," said Gould. "I thought it would just break off. It didn't. It took me 20 minutes to get it out of the road."

Trees were falling all over the county and the Morgantown Fire Department wasn't far behind to chop them up.

"They're swamped on the north end of the county," said Chief Richard Neal.

There was more ice on trees, than even the road.

"The more it rains it's sticking and making it heavier," said Chief Neal.

The Chief said they plan to be out most of the night cutting down trees around the county.

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