In Georgia the big threat is black ice as temperatures drop below freezing.

Several North Georgia counties are under a state of emergency until Tuesday. 

In Whitfield County they are under a "winter storm warning" until 7:00 a.m. Tuesday at least.

It could be extended if the rain we're seeing now turns to black ice on the roads overnight.

That's what the National Weather Service told emergency services crews when they had a weather briefing Monday afternoon.

They were told the big threat for this area is going to be black ice.

It started raining around 11:00 a.m.  this morning and hit hasn't stopped since.

If the rain continues it will mean black ice on the roads Monday night and Tuesday morning.

That's when these conditions could become dangerous.

People are encouraged to stay off the roads as much as possible.

If someone still chooses to drive it's important to remember driving slowly will keep the car on the road.

And if you do catch a patch of black ice and lose control do not use the brakes or yank at the steering wheel.