CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The Chattanooga Bass Association sponsored by Triton Boats is celebrating its 38
year anniversary of being a non-profit community service organization. Chattanooga Bass Association was founded by community leaders in 1976 and was designed to offer a top quality open fishing circuit to
and surrounding areas; while enhancing
's economic growth and recreational potential.

The CBA prides itself in offering an exclusive format that allows anglers of all ages to be able to compete in an organized week-end team tournament.

The Chattanooga Bass Association tournaments are open to the public and consist of a 12 tournament circuit with
, Nick-A-Jack, and Watts Bar waters open to competitors.  All tournaments are held out of
Chester Frost Park
for the 2015.

Rules and Tournament Format Changes for 2015:

The Alabama/ Tennessee Rig is banned. Here is the wording of the rule.
Any umbrella-type rigging, harness, or other device designed to hold more than one lure at a time — with or without hooks — is not allowed. Such rigging, harness, or device cannot be added to a single lure as described above. Traditional twin arm spinnerbaits or buzzbaits are allowed. Trailer hooks and plastic trailers must be on the main hook of the bait; only spinner blades can be affixed to the arms. The head on the main stem may be hinged. On these spinnerbaits or buzzbaits, no more than two wires, with a maximum length of 6 inches, may extend off the main arm or body of the lure. The ‘head and hook' portion of the lure must trail behind the blade or blades.

You must fish with your regular partner to obtain points. If you want to fish a tournament with another member or someone without a processing card you may do so but you must fish on a white card.

Other format changes:

Youth Division
The age for youth team will be changed from 16 years and younger to any kid still in high school or younger. If you are over the age of 17 you must show a valid student ID card for the current school year. The entry fee per tournament is $60.00.
The end of the season prize for the highest finishing youth team will be the same at $500.00
Also, the highest finishing youth team not in the top 50 teams in points will receive a free entry fee in the Classic.

College Division
If one member of the team is currently fishing for a college team they can fish the CBA tournaments for an entry fee of $90.00.
At the end of the season the highest finishing college team will receive a trophy and $250.00 cash.

Senior Division
If one member of the team is 67 years or older then the tournament entry fee for each tournament will be $90.00.
At the end of the season the highest finishing senior team will receive a trophy and $250.00 cash.
The highest finishing senior team that finishes outside the top 50 boats will receive a free entry into the Classic

Last year the CBA sent 4 teams to compete in the Team Championship, sponsored by B.A.S.S.

C.B.A. president Shane Frazier said “We expect to send at least 3 teams this year and the tournament will be in our back yard on Lake Guntersville. This is a great opportunity as I know a lot of the local anglers here know Guntersville very well”.

The Chattanooga Bass Association 2015 Classic ends the year for this tournament trail. This 50, 000 dollar, 2 day event and will be sponsored by Tow Boat U.S.

All C.B.A. tournament divisions will be eligible to fish the classic but you must fish at least 7 tournament months.