Winter weather was on the mind of many at Bi-Lo on Signal Mountain Road.

“My husband might have to put on his snow boots and get to walking!” Jenny Nemec joked.

For both believers and skeptics.

“So many times when they forecast that it's going to snow, that we're going to get six inches or more. Ehh.. it doesn't happen,” Gary Wilkes said.

Many of the shoppers we talked to live on Signal Mountain and came to stalk up on many of the necessities just in case Mother Nature shows her strength.

“You just make sure you have supplies and we've always been able to get out and at least get to Pruitt's or at least some where that's close by,” Nemec added.

“We get things for dinners for the next couple of days,” Charity said, “We'll get some stockpiles of bread and butter and milk and all those little necessities.”

This mom has seen the effects of snow and ice after being stuck without water during last year's winter storm.

“You worry about getting snowed in and iced in and no power and water freezing. If we end up like the last time there was a big storm, we ended up not having water for a few days so we're even thinking water jugs!”

Nemec came to get ingredients to make a nice pot of chili for her family and was surprised to find out she wasn't the only one.

“I think a lot of people are doing that because they were about sold out on chili powder, tomatoes and beans,” she said.

Remember to allow your faucets to drip to help prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.