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Chattanooga churches team up to help community stay warm

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Just as the bitter temperatures are heading our way, two Chattanooga churches want to make sure those in the community are not stuck out in the cold. Members collected hundreds of coats and were on a mission to spread love and warmth on Valentine's Day.

"We've got coats here. We've got mittens. Hot meals. Two hundred and fifty hot meals," says Jordan Massey with Stuart Heights Baptist Church.

Members of Stuart Heights Baptist Church and Miracle Missionary Baptist Church in Chattanooga teamed up to let others know they are loved on Valentine's Day.

"It's Valentine's Day. It's the love holiday. Love is an action not just an emotion. So we're acting out the love," says Massey.

Massey says in a matter of two weeks the two congregations gathered around 500 coats.

"We're just serving the community, spreading the gospel. We're called to serve not to sit," he says.

He also knows the coats will be put to good use.

"Perfect timing. We've got some snow coming in probably this week. It's going to be cold. We have coats to warm up some bodies and some hot food as well."

"This will come in handy for me and her too and everybody else that needs coats, gloves and hats. It's going to be cold tonight, again," says Marlyon Spann.

Marlyon Spann and his wife say they are so thankful for the generosity of others.

"We were doing our laundry the other day and young lady that is a member of the church gave us a flower and asked us to come by," says Mrs. Spann. "I don't know what made her come up to us, but I was kind of in the need of a coat. I really guess it was the Lord using her."

"It's heartwarming. It makes my heart smile just seeing it," says Massey.

Both churches say they hope to make the coat giveaway a Valentine's tradition. 
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