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South Dakota group rescues Georgia dogs

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It's these eyes that first caught the eye of Shawna Gardner.

"I looked at the picture and I said this dog has to be saved."

Kino, a two-year-old Pitbull mix is at a shelter in Georgia.

Shawna Gardner, Sioux Falls, "They found him with a heavy chain link collar on, tied to a tree with no food or water. They thought he had been there for days."

Set to be euthanized later in the week, Shawna shared his picture on Facebook on Monday, hoping someone, somewhere would save him.

"It just went nuts, people were Facebook messaging me, I mean, I have been stuck to my phone for three-and-a half days now."

It turns out little Kino also caught Tanya's eye,



and touched Jenna as well.

Tanya Warmbein, Worthing, "I made the mistake of reading and looking at the picture of that dog and his story."

Shelby Bergman, Sioux Falls, "Kino is like totally underfed and just sullen."

"He just took my breath away."

Together, through the Internet, the five women started looking for ways to get him to South Dakota.

"I felt guilty. I thought what about this dog?"

Saving one dog turned into five. Having no luck with transport companies, and other organizations unable to help, the women found a camper.

Jenna and her fiancé agreed to drive 17 hours to get them.

They have to get there before Sunday, before the dogs are euthanized.

Jenna Foster, Sioux Falls, "It's something you feel like you have to do and you just fall in love."

Not only is the group of women saving lives, they've formed a bond.

A bond that was evident when they met for the first time on Thursday.

"I honestly say, I feel like they're my friends. I feel close to them. They're like minded and were willing to give everything."

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