Dressed in white sandals and a pink dress Alexis Evans sings her ABC's. A childhood moment becomes a mother's precious keepsake of her baby girl.

Alexis was killed over the summer as she tried to cross the street outside her home on Orchard Hill Road. She was four years old.

“I looked over and saw my daughter laying there, unresponsive and at that time the ambulance pulled up,” Alexis' mother Lacie Evans said.

Neighbors have begged for a safer street and eight months later, Channel 3 follows up to see what happened.

The investigation found Hayley Lloyd, 18, was going 48 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone. She was arrested last week on charges of homicide, leaving the scene of an accident and failing to report an accident.

“She actually drove all the way to Sloppy Floyd Lake to a friend's house and then turned around and went to Fred's and that's where they stopped her at,” Evans added.

Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader admits complaints poured in after the little girl's death.

“There's a large number of residences that are close together and a lot of driveways coming in and out off that road,” he said.

A stretch that sees a lot of traffic in the mornings and afternoons as drivers use it as a shortcut to and from Summerville city limits.

“That's not a very good situation once you put high traffic on a road that has the hills and curvature that road has,” he added.

Add speed and Schrader knows the combination can kill.

“Speed in itself is deadly,” he said.

Which is why Schrader asked the Chattooga County commissioner to make some changes. Those changes go into effect next month.

The speed between the 1.5 mile stretch between Hair Lake Road and Rocky Hollow Road will be lowered from 45 to 35 miles per hour. A 3-way stop will also be added at the Denson Road intersection.

“If we have a stop sign at the halfway mark,  maybe that will decrease the speed,” he added.

This stretch sees several wrecks per year. Officials with GSP couldn't give Channel 3 an exact number.

The sheriff knows he can't prevent them all but he wants people to know he's listening.

“I've tried since I've taken office to value the concerns of my citizens,” he said.

He hopes dropping the speed limit will drop the number of crashes.

And give these families some peace of mind.

Alexis was an organ donor and also helped save three lives.

An 18 year old in Georgia faces homicide charges in a crash that happened eight months ago.

It happened back in June on Orchard Hill Road in Summerville and killed Alexis Evans, 4, as she was trying to cross the street.

That 4 year old's mother is telling her side of the story for the first time since the crash. She sat down exclusively with Channel 3.

The last eight months have been rough for Lacie Evans and her family.

“I looked over and saw my daughter lying there, unresponsive. And at that time, the ambulance pulled up,” Evans said.

Evans says another family member was watching Alexis, 4, outside.

“The neighbors saw her and they said ‘Stop, wait!' Because there were a few cars coming,” she said.

The little girl was hit and killed trying to cross the street, chasing after her brother.

“That last car that came, which was Hayley; when [the neighbors] told [Alexis] to back up, there wasn't enough time, and she hit [Alexis],” Evans said.

Police say Hayley Lloyd, 18, was behind the wheel. Evans says after the impact, Lloyd didn't stop.

“She actually drove all the way to Sloppy Floyd Lake to a friend's house and then turned around and went to Fred's and that's where they stopped her at,” she added.

Investigators arrested Lloyd last week on charges of homicide, leaving the scene of an accident and failing to report an accident. She was released on bond hours after being arrested.

Evans says she sees Lloyd driving past her house on a regular basis.

“She still drives the same car she hit my daughter in. And how she still does that, I'll never know,” Evans said.

Lloyd told investigators she didn't stop because she thought she had hit a dog; something this mother says she's had a hard time coming to terms with.

“I really wish she would have turned around. It would have made the situation a little easier,” she said.

Coming up Thursday at 6, Channel 3 has uncovered more information about this crash as well as Orchard Hill Road.

Investigators in Chattooga County arrested a teenager in connection to a hit and run that killed a 4-year-old girl eight months ago.

18-year-old Hayley Lloyd is facing homicide charges as well as charges related to leaving the scene of an accident, and failing to report an accident.

Police say Lloyd was driving when she hit and killed 4-year-old Alexis Evans on Orchard Hill Road in Summerville back in June. Neighbors say speed has been a problem for years and that they've complained to the Chattooga County Commissioner's Office about it in the past.

With so many kids that live and play up and down Orchard Hill Road, parents fear more lives could be lost like the one last night.

“We've asked, we've begged to get patrolmen out here, hide out, hide out and see what they're doing. Or put signs up, children at play or speed bumps, something,” Kandia Elrod said.

We're told Lloyd was brought in by her family Friday morning and was later released on bond.

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Neighbors told us over the summer speed has been a problem on that road.