A 20-year-old Tunnel Hill man was taken to Hamilton Medical Center after he was stabbed, according to Whitfield County Sheriff's Office.

Richard Damon Darrah was found sitting on a couch, bleeding from the neck, inside an apartment complex on Florence Avenue at 2: 45 p.m. Wednesday when deputies arrived.

Darrah told deputies three to four men came to the apartment and started knocking on the door.  Darrah, who was visiting, opened the door.

One of the attackers said, “Do you remember me?”

When Darrah replied, “No,” the man wielded a machete and stabbed him in the neck.

The attacker, and others with him, fled from the apartment.  

Darrah was released from the hospital.

Deputies are still working to identify everyone involved in the incident and to determine a motive

Anyone with information is asked to contact Whitfield County Sheriff's Office.