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UPDATE: Online poll could determine McDaniel's future in Bradley County

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UPDATE: Supporters may be able to save Bradley County Superintendent Johnny McDaniel's job after all.

School Board Chairman Nicholas Lillois said in an interview Friday on Mix 104.1 he would take an online poll via e-mail to decide how he would vote to buy out McDaniel's contract. He is only taking responses from District 3, which is the district he represents.

Lillois says he came to the decision after getting feedback regarding McDaniel's position.

Hear the full interview HERE.

PREVIOUS STORY: With signs, t-shirt and sheer numbers supporters packed Bradley County's School Board meeting; they say for one reason.

“We don't want to see him leave. We would like to keep him and we would like to see his contract extended beyond next year,” teacher Angela Epperson said.

Many at the meeting say Johnny McDaniel is more than just a superintendent, he's a friend.

“You don't find good Christian people that are here for the kids and want to make the right decisions,” Kathy Eaton said.

“He is the first one who can walk into any school and know your name, know your children and what you teach. He's very personable in that manner,” Epperson added.

Which is why many within the school system don't want to board to buy out McDaniel's contract later this month.

“Some board members have expressed that student achievement should be at certain levels that we're not at and to get there. There's were some of the differences have been,” Chairman Nicholas Lillios said.

Even though the matter hasn't been discussed in a public meeting, that didn't stop some from pleading with members during Thursday's meeting.

“I feel like we have a very good group of board members keeping the kids and school achievement as highest priority in this matter,” Lillios added.

The school board will hold a meeting to discuss McDaniel's contract on February 24th at 1:30 p.m.

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