It's a little after 12:30 in the afternoon at 1119 Edwin Lane in East Ridge, and firefighters are hard at work.

"Crews entered the structure, found no one to be inside, the fire had already extended into the attic," notes East Ridge Fire Chief Mike Williams who says nearly half an hour after firefighters gained entry, they had their hands full trying to tamp down the remaining flames in the attic, the blaze finding new fuel in the wooden gables of the roof.

As the cinders burned, the crew went ahead and requested mutual aid from neighboring Catoosa County, Georgia. 

East Ridge firefighters say one of the biggest issues they had in battling this blaze was dealing with the windy conditions.  WRCB Chief Meteorologist Paul Barys says Thursday afternoon's wind gusts got as high as 35 miles an hour.

"We got high gusty winds, once the fire vented through the roof, it takes a little more to extinguish it," said Chief Williams who added no one was hurt or injured.

Channel 3 spoke with the home's owner off camera.

He said this had been a great week for him and his wife, finally paying off all their debts.  But the couple now wonder how they'll pay their insurance deductible for the fire.

As of now, no damage estimate has been tabulated.