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Man beaten and robbed while waiting at downtown bus stop

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Channel 3 spoke to the victim's father who says his son is recovering after three people attacked him while he was on his way home.
He's bruised all over and very sore and says his attack could have happened to anyone.

A young man was waiting at a bus stop on Market Street around 9 o'clock Wednesday night when three people approached him, begging for money.

He was wearing a backpack and headed to his home in Hixson.
The young man started walking, to try and get away from them, but the two males and one female attacked him and took everything he had.

"That's terrifying considering we all work down here, commute down here," said one woman on Market Street, "You know it's just scary to think that it could really happen to anyone I guess."  
The female attacker held her foot on his head while the two men beat him.
They got away with his backpack that had a Nintendo DS, Kindle Fire and monster headphones inside.

"I start praying when I walk out the door there's so much going on in the world today," said another woman waiting at the bus stop.

The victim ran to the Read House and called 911 and gave a description of his attackers.
Luckily a bike patrol officer was nearby and tracked down the tree suspects nearby.

The two men still had the victim's stolen goods in their possession.

Police charged James Moore, 26, Lee Saunders, 27, and Holly Beeby, 32 with robbery.

Others waiting at the bus stop Thursday say they would never have guessed it was a crime scene the night before.     

"It surprised me that it happened down here," one Chattanooga man said. "Like I can see it more happening on the outskirts, the bus stops that are not right downtown."

"I always thought this was a pretty safe area," a woman said, "So definitely never on your mind when you're walking about downtown."

The victim's father says they will be pursuing the three attackers in court.
His son believes they used a brick or some sort of rock to hit him during the attack.
All three were booked into the Hamilton County jail and will appear in court Feb. 17th.

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