"The wedding was awesome, absolutely beautiful. Beautiful church, beautiful family," said Angela Eddinger. "A once in a lifetime precious moment."

They say it was the perfect ceremony; but among all of the white, the newlyweds say there will forever be a stain on their memories.

"Feeling like you've been kicked in the stomach is what it felt like," said Angela.

Angela and her husband Steve say these still pictures are the only way they will be able to re-live their eternal commitment, because their wedding video was stolen.

"Those words, those vows, they carry a lot of meaning and we just wanted that," said Angela.

The videographer had placed the computer under the floor mat in his car and left his doors unlocked on Patton Parkway for nearly an hour. When he returned, the computer and the video were gone. And the video wasn't backed up anywhere else.

"There's no way we can go back and get that moment in time ever again and this is a day most people wait their entire lives on; a day to celebrate with your family and when they're gone, something to look back on," said Angela.

No guests even have video on their cell phones.

"We had someone hired to do that and we had a photographer as well so we were just busy enjoying each other," and Angela.

So now they're hoping for someone to return not just a video, but a precious memory.

"We just want the video footage off of there and that's all," said Angela.

The couple says they are offering a reward to anyone who can return the video to them.

It's located on a silver MacBook Pro. They say if you open the computer there is a picture of a daisy on the lock-screen. The videographer has agreed to give them a full refund.

If you have any information on this you are asked to call Chattanooga Police.