A family feud may have been the motivation for a Madisonville man to attempt to shoot another man at the Johns Manville Industrial Plant in Etowah Tuesday at about 4:00pm.

The McMinn County Sheriff's Office says the feud stemmed from a long-standing disagreement between Dannie Thompson and Richard Garren over a previous family issue.

"Maybe some type of domestic situation, some relationship between the two that is fueling some of this," Sheriff Joe Guy said, "Certainly there is something between the two men that's been there for a while that led to this incident."

The Sheriff says the family issue that led to this shooting is still unclear and detectives are working to get the full story.

But what he does know, is that 68-year old Dannie Thompson showed up to the Johns Manville plant and fired a shotgun shell at his son-in-law, Richard Garren.


Garren is a contractor employee and was at the plant for the day mixing cement.


He told police he was in the parking lot when he saw his father-in-law pull up.

"The gentleman that fired the shot had gotten out and sort of came after Mr. Garren," Sheriff Guy said, "And fired the shot and got back into a cream-colored SUV."


Police used the car's license plate to track down Thompson at his home in Madisonville in Monroe county.

"So we pulled up the driveway and he came out peacefully and had a conversation with us, and sort of disclosed to us some of the details of what he had done," said Sheriff Guy, "And went back inside and retrieved the firearm as evidence and took him into custody and brought him back to our county."

Thompson later surrendered to deputies at his home where a .45 caliber/.410 bore Taurus Judge handgun was found.

The weapon had a spent shell still inside when it was recovered.

Police charged Thompson with attempted first degree murder and booked him into the McMinn county jail, but he didn't stay for long.

Thompson got out later that night after posting a $50,000 bond.

"It's difficult though when you do have an incident like this and a person is able to bond out that maybe you would probably rather not have," Sheriff Guy said.

Sheriff Guy spoke to the victim Wednesday morning and he says he's worried Thompson might come after him again.

The Sheriff said they talked about adding more security to the John's Manville plant but hopes Thompson stays away.