UPDATE: Stephen Mobley, accused of shooting and killing 29-year-old Gregory Watkins, is now awaiting a re-trial after his jury could not reach a verdict.

The hung jury has deliberated for nearly a week, with weather and President's Day holiday complicating matters.

 The judge in the case has not yet set a date for a re-trial.

Testimony continued in the trial for the man accused of gunning down a man and his girlfriend at a Brainerd Rd. gas station nearly two years ago.

Stephen Mobley is charged with first degree murder and attempted first degree murder after the shooting left 29-year-old Jeffrey Watkins dead and Lashonda Gonzalez injured.

Nine bullets hit Watkins while waiting for a drug deal at the Conaco gas station on the night of June 1, 2012.

Hamilton County's Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. James Metcalfe, performed the autopsy, ruling Watkins died of gunshots to the chest. On Wednesday, he showed the jury X-rays of Watkin's injuries, and said that five of the nine gunshot wounds would have been deadly.

"Any one of those would have caused death by themselves," Metcalfe testified.

A white Pontiac was caught leaving the scene just after the shooting, and police later determined the car belonged to accused shooter, Stephen Mobley. CPD processed several items found inside his car for evidence.

Gunshot residue was not found on any of the items in the car. A gun was never recovered, but experts determined the bullets were fired from a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun.

Whoever pulled the trigger, Metcalfe said, would have been trying to kill their target.

"It was focused in the one area and aiming towards the central mass," he said.

The trial will resume Thursday morning.



It's been nearly two years since a shooting at a Chattanooga gas station that left one man dead and another woman injured. The trial of the accused shooter, Steven Mobley, began on Tuesday with emotional testimony from the woman who survived the attack.

"He came around the side of the car and just started shooting,"Lashonda Gonzales said tearfully on the witness stand.

Gonzales recounted the night she was shot and her friend, 29-year-old Gregory Watkins, was killed. Nine shots were fired through Watkins' car that was parked at a gas station on Brainerd Rd. the night of June 1, 2012. Gonzales was hit in the left arm and hip.

"I tried to wake him up but he wouldn't respond," Gonzales wept.

The judge called for a break because Gonzales was hysterically crying, and the bailiff had to help her out of the courtroom.

The two friends were at the gas station because Watkins agreed to sell marijuana to Steven Mobley's cousin, Constance Taylor.

The killer was described as a dark-skinned guy with dreadlocks, and Gonzales initially identified a man named Stephen Hill in a photo lineup. Hill was later cleared of murder charges due to lack of proof.

"They didn't search his car, his phone or his Facebook...Stephen Hill walked off," Mobley's attorney, John Wysong, told the jury during opening statements.

"That's when Mr. Mobley's name came up," explained Asst. DA Lance Pope. After Taylor was charged for lying to police about her involvement in the crime, the state said that's when the truth came out.

"Ms. Taylor stated Mr. Mobley put on a dreadlock wig that night," Pope said.

The white Pontiac car seen leaving right after shots were fired also belonged to Mobley.

Mobley was released from prison in 2010 after he was convicted of a manslaughter charge relating to a 2005 fatal shooting in the College Hill Courts housing project.

The trial resumes on Wednesday.