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Vandals cause thousands of dollars worth of damage at Chattanooga tire shop

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Some local tire shop owners are on the lookout for whoever vandalized their businesses. Those responsible caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

The latest shop hit is Economy Tire on East Main Street in Downtown Chattanooga. Someone shot into the building and shattered several windows with bricks.

Economy Tire has insurance but the deductible is $5,000, just above the amount of damage caused. The manger says the shop is going to have to sell a whole lot of tires to pay for the repairs.

Technicians at Economy Tire in Chattanooga toil away Monday, now with a reason to work even harder.

"To me, it's uncalled for," says shop manager Randy Kennedy.

Several bullet holes are peppered across the windows on the front of the store. Glass still litters the sidewalk where other windows were knocked out.

"Sunday, I was up here seven hours yesterday on my day off instead of going to church. I was up here cleaning and boarding up," says Kennedy.

Kennedy says the business was vandalized not once but twice over the weekend. He got the first call from his boss Friday night.

"Just one window had been shot out."

The second call came Sunday morning.

"Sunday, he calls me. He says, 'Randy! I got a call from the police department. Now they came back and shot the other two windows out!'"

When he got the shop he found a big mess.

"They didn't just shoot them out. I said, 'They shot them and since they didn't break, they grabbed bricks and there's bricks laying all over the office.'"

Glass was everywhere.

"Inside the tires. Each tire we have to take and dump the glass out of them," says Kennedy.

The window to a truck was shot out as well. It turns out another store was hit just a few blocks away on Rossville Boulevard.

"We're not the only store they hit. They hit another store around the corner from us. Shot all their windows out and it happens to be a tire store."

Kennedy says when you run a privately-owned shop, every dime matters.

"It's upsetting because it costs a lot of money. You're talking each of these windows are between 500 and 800 dollars a piece," he says. "We'd have to sell like 30 new sets of tires, for what we make off of them to make up for what it would cost to replace these windows."

He is determined to catch who is responsible.

"My message is, you need to stop. Think about if it was your brother or sister or your relative that owned the place."

Kennedy says the shop plans on replacing some of the windows with plexiglass.

He also says the store is offering a $1,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest in the case. If you know who is responsible call Chattanooga Police. 
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