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Rotten cantaloupe and peppers? This week's Restaurant Report Card

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Dining out this weekend?

The inspectors at the Hamilton County Health Department inspected 26 restaurants this week. I must say, the scores are getting higher and once again there are no failing grades to report.

Remember a failing grade is anything lower than a 70. Tonight the low score is an 86, at Mexi Wing Seven on Brainerd Road.

There, inspectors found rotten cantaloupe and bell peppers, chicken was less than ten degrees out of proper temperature which means it either needed cooling or heating, food was still in the edible range as long as the temperature was corrected by the time the inspector left. The floors in the walk-in cooler need repairing. Once again they serve up an 86.

The high score of the week is a tie, as we congratulate the employees for their hard work at Chicken Salad Chick on Gunbarrel Road and the Dominoes Pizza on Highway 58, both with a very impressive score of 99. Remember any complaints about a restaurant, hotel or motel, day care or a place you work out, Call the Hamilton County Health Department at 423-209-8110.

There are several health department staff members ready to answer your calls each weekday between 8:00am and 4:00pm.

A say it each week, enjoy your meal!

And if you see good service and cleanliness, let them know. It's as simple as saying nice job!

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