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Discovery sheds light on "Insurance Bluff"

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DADE COUNTY, GA - It's an area with some of the most beautiful views in the region but for locals, it's where some come to break the law.

One week ago, a hiker discovered the van belonging to Justine “Marie” Creech and remains investigators believe belong to her. Investigators are still working to positively identify them in Atlanta.

Creech was reported missing seven months ago from her home in Trenton, Georgia.

The discovery has shed light on the area known as “Insurance Bluff.”

The graffiti painted on these rocks just off Scenic Highway in Dade County may look innocent, but the way this area earned its nickname, it's anything but.

“People couldn't make their payments or for whatever reason, and they would fraudulently push their cars over and collect their money from the insurance companies,” Dade County Executive Ted Rumley said.

If you look over the edge of this cliff, you see why many of the locals call it “Insurance Bluff.” The colors of mangled cars stand out abandoned among the bare trees that surround them.

“You'll find in a lot of the mountain regions there's places like that. There's places like that whether you like it or not,” he added.

Rumley says safety has never been an issue in this area because it's a few feet from the roadway.

“Mostly, your more dangerous places have a guard rail [along Scenic Highway]. As far as why there's never been a guard rail put up there, we haven't had any instances. It's off the road there,” Rumley said.

Rumley is open to working with state officials to see if there's anything that can be done to improve the area.

“I will ask them to come up and look at it and see because it's a state highway, not a county road. But that may be something they want to do. It's solid rock there, but still it can happen,” he said.

And give this place a chance to be known for its scenic views instead of what lies below.
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