Eyewitness News file video from the evening of February 8th, 2003, shows a familiar scene. There are police cars and detectives, crime scene tape and flashing blue lights. Missing, though, in this particular case, are answers. Two bodies had been found in an apartment above Dodge City Liquors on East Brainerd Road. "They were found there by people who worked there," explained Chattanooga Police Sgt. Bill Phillips. He still works this file from his cold case office.

35-year old Michael Robbins and Angela Fuss, who was 32, had been shot several times. The motive is unclear. Although there was evidence of some minor rummaging around throughout the apartment, it was not ransacked. And investigators did not find any signs of forced entry to the residence.

For years, now, police have had potential suspects, but just not enough pieces to the puzzle in-hand. "Many years of many clues and calls of information received," said Sgt. Phillips, "followed up. To this point, just have not had enough information so that a warrant can be obtained."

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