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A finalist from "The Voice" shares his story of HIV

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Students at Howard High Tuesday heard a powerful message of love and perseverance.

"The Voice" season two finalist Jamar Rogers shared his very personal and inspiring story story to students. The event was a part of the National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Jamar found out he was living with HIV at 23-years old. The students say they appreciated how candid he was in his speaking. Jamar says he hopes the students take away that their past does not dictate their future.

Jamar Rogers, "The Voice" season 2 finalist, "We all have a story, we all have things we regret. And maybe HIV/ drug abuse isn't your struggle. But who doesn't go to bed at night and wish they could change the past, my thing, is you can't change the past. How are you gonna react to these bad things that happened to you and how can you turn it around for a brighter future? If we stay stuck in the past, then we're missing out on a future that's calling us."

There will be local events through out the week to promote awareness.

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