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Life Care residents knit scarves for foster kids in college

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Residents of the Life Care Center in Hixson have been making handmade and heartfelt gifts of time and talent.

They're knitting and crocheting for "The Red Scarf Project" the handmade scarves help foster kids all over the U.S.

"This is the 1st project I've done," said Jayne McGarey, a resident at Life Care. "It hasn't been hard, but it's a simple project."

With knitting needles in hand, McGarey is on her way to a finished product.

"I have some damage to my hands and this seems to help loosen them up," said McGarey.

"She's knitting and she's doing real good," said Gillian Akridge, Activity Assistant.

Many of these residents have never knitted or crocheted before this class started and now they're knitting and pearling pros.

"Some work faster, some catch on faster," said Akridge. "It doesn't give them time to sit around and be depressed or sad."

It's meant to help with hand-eye coordination, while keeping their minds sharp. The company of other residents gives elders like Emanuel something to be happy about.

"He actually looks forward to this class every week," said Akridge.

The scarves are being donated to The Red Scarf Project to be sold; which helps foster students pay for things like medical bills, glasses and even school books.

"Anything we can do for the children to make them feel more valued is good," said McGarey.

With 35 scarves finished, they're already thinking about the next 30.

“I'd like to make some more in different colors, there are so many pretty yarns out today," said McGarey.

The Life Care Center in Hixson invites anyone who would like to, to come and knit with them. They meet every Tuesday from 3 until 4.

If you'd like to find out more about the Red Scarf Project, click here.

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