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UPDATE: Woman stunned twice, escapes handcuffs and charged with attempted vehicular homicide

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - UPDATE: Police say they were forced to use their stun guns on Jackson twice, after she kept trying to get away. 

Nakara Jackson, 26, faces a long list of charges including attempted vehicular homicide, aggravated assault, DUI and escape.
It all started at a routine traffic stop on Bonny Oaks Drive early Monday morning.

"Those can be often some of the most dangerous things we do in our profession," said Lt. Eric Tucker, Asst. Chief of Neighborhood Policing.

Chattanooga police stopped a vehicle for a possible DUI. While that car was pulled over, a white truck pulled up behind the officers' cars with no headlights on.

As one of the officers approached the truck the female driver made eye contact, then sped off with lights still off.

"Shortly after they approached the vehicle it abruptly sped off and drove toward the initial officer who was on the traffic stop," Lt. Tucker said.

The vehicle swerved toward one of the officers before continuing straight onto Hwy 153. The officer attempted to signal the driver with his flashlight that he was in the roadway. The suspect increased her speed toward the officer's direction, missing him by a few feet as he jumped out of the way.

Two other officers on the scene took off after the suspect, later identified as 26-year-old Nakara Jackson. Jackson drove to a home on Shorewood Drive where she jumped out the truck trying to get away. 

Officers tried to get her to stop but she went into the residence where the officers followed. The officers at that point were forced to physically take control of Jackson who began to violently resist. 

During the struggle Jackson attempted to grab one of the officer's gun. At that point one of the officer's was forced to use a stun gun on the suspect while the other officer put her in handcuffs. She was place in the patrol car.

"She was physically resistant and it was during that time that she grabbed the officer's gun. It was holstered at the time. But did grab it," Lt. Tucker said.

While officers were securing the scene Jackson managed to slip from one of the cuffs and open the door of the car and escape. Police chased Jackson into a neighbor's yard and had to use the stun gun again before taking her back into custody.

"Sometimes with smaller hands, more flexible wrists, you know officers have to be very aware of that," Lt. Tucker said. "And that's something they're going to review and look at ."

EMS was called to the scene to check on Jackson and an officer who was injured during the chase.

Jackson was taken to the hospital for evaluation before being taken to the Hamilton County Jail where she faces a long list of charges including attempted vehicular homicide, DUI, and escape.  Her bond is set at more than $50,000. 

Lt. Tucker says the officers did everything according to their training and used good tactical sense.
Supervisors are looking into how the suspect got herself out of the cop car.

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