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Woman gets TennCare help 6 days after her death

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The Tennessean

LYLES, TN (AP) - Neva Holt stood in a kitchen for years whipping up coconut cake and patting out hamburger steaks - food she sold from her Lyles cafe that generated sales tax revenue for the state - but when she got old and needed nursing home care, Tennessee didn't give anything back.

She got kicked out of a nursing home because TennCare wouldn't pay. The state's Medicaid agency determined she didn't qualify for coverage, contending she had owned land that she transferred to her grandchildren - assets that should have been used to cover the cost of a nursing home.

The family appealed and ultimately had TennCare's determination overturned. It was a hollow victory. Holt died at age 88 - six days before the decision came down.

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