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"Deflategate" claim loses air per new report

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FOXBORO, MASS (NBCNewsChannel.com)----People have already made up their minds, so the new developments in "deflate-gate" may not matter much in the court of public opinion.
Just in case the details matter to you, NFL Network's Ian Rappoport says that there is a new report that now states that only one of the New England Patriots' 12 game footballs used in the AFC Championship was two pounds under the league minimum of 12.5 psi. 
The report said 11 were under 12.5 psi but many were "just a few ticks under the minimum."
The initial conflicting report came from espn.com's Chris Mortensen on January 21. 
He said 11 of the 12 footballs were "significantly" under the 12.5 level, and that "the footballs were inflated 2 pounds per square inch below what's required by NFL regulations." 
If most of the deflated footballs were just a "few ticks" under 12.5, then Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick's press conference explaining the temperature drop outside makes more sense. 
Attorney Ted Wells and NFL Executive Vice President Jeff Pash are spearheading the investigation, which is expected to take several weeks.  

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