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The Super Bowl can be hazardous to your phone

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(NBC News) - What do you get when you combine the biggest sports event of the year, rabid fans, mugs of beer and tubs of dip? A slew of damaged cellphones.

Sports fans have a tendency to harm their cellphones or tablets while watching a game on TV or in person, according to an online survey by SquareTrade, a company that insures these devices.

One in ten adults reports damaging a smartphone while watching or participating in a sporting event. They spent an estimated $2.4 billion to fix those damaged phones last year.

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"Sports fans are dangerous to mobile devices," said Ty Shay, SquareTrade's Chief Marketing Officer.

While alcohol and passion play a role in this (15% of those surveyed admitted to damaging a smartphone in a fit of emotion) a lot of sports fans simply appear to be clumsy.

One in five said they'd dropped a cellphone in the toilet. It turns out that Seahawks fans are 11% more likely to fumble the phone than Patriots fans.

Dips can also be dangerous. The SquareTrade survey found that people who prefer spinach dip are 10% more likely than average to have damaged a phone in the last year. Guacamole comes in a close second.

Shay has this advice for sports fans: "Keep your phone at hand, but not in hand while you're watching sports."

Be gentle to your phone, and be sure to watch Super Bowl XLIX on Channel 3 or the live stream of the game on your phone or tablet at

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