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Chattanooga NAACP chapter registers new voters

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - The next major election may be months from now, but one civic organization is making a push to get people to the polls.

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County NAACP held a winter membership drive Saturday.

They weren't just registering new members, but new voters as well. 

"You can look around the city, our vote is needed. We're not voting at the rate that we should," said Cecil Stodghill, NAACP.  

"We feel voting is a right that we got the hard way and we should appreciate that," said Stodghill. 

Cecil Stodghill says they're targeting the younger crowd to get registered to vote. Something he says will help their community in the long run.  

"Because we're seeing so much pitfall. We're seeing so much crime and some injustice and some kids, They need direction," said Stodghill. 

Their aim is to get young people interested in voting and the process of government.

"This is the most important process right now that we're dealing with, voting. And being able to come back and govern our own community," said Stodghill.

He believes getting everyone registered is the first step to a better and safer neighborhood and says no one has an excuse to not register.

"About 5 minutes if you got 5 minutes to share with us you can be a registered," said Stodghill.  

"This won't be our only voters registration, we're gonna have another and another and another until we get their attention," said Stodghill.  

The NAACP's goal is to sign up 2000 new members.

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