A Dalton man was sentenced to life in prison Friday without the possibility of parole plus 30 years for the murder and attempted murder of two employees at Las Delicias Bar in March 2014.

The incident happened at the bar in Dalton when twenty-one-year-old Orlando Ramirez tried to enter the bar and was denied entry by Daniel Maldonado-Florez for being underage.

Maldonado and Bruno Rodriguez were working security for the bar at the time. Upon being denied entry, Ramirez produced a chrome .380 pistol and attempted to shoot Maldonado in the chest. Patrons and members of the band who were gathered outside scattered as Maldonado grabbed the gun, forcing it down and saving his life as the first shot went into his leg instead of his chest and deflected off a cell phone in his pocket.

As Maldonado and Ramirez struggled over the firearm, Bruno Rodriguez exited the bar and saw Ramirez fire a second shot, which appears to have narrowly missed striking Maldonado. Rodriguez went to his friends aid unarmed and attempted to rush and tackle Ramirez to prevent him from firing again. Ramirez was able to sidestep and shoot Rodriguez in the back and then stood over him and fired a second shot into Rodriguez' head while Rodriguez lay on the ground defenseless.

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Prior to pronouncing sentence, Judge Boyett stated that this was the first murder case he had presided over as a Superior Court Judge where the murder itself was recorded on video. Judge Boyett went on to observe that, on the video, Ramirez had stood over Rodriguez while he was laying on the ground and had shot him in the head without provocation.

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Ramirez is also to serve an additional five years consecutive to the other charges for possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime for a total sentence of life without parole plus thirty five years. Ramirez was tried before a jury in December, 2014 and found guilty on all counts on December 19, 2014.