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Baby sees her mom for the first time

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Little Louise McMorris can now see her mom. KUSA photo Little Louise McMorris can now see her mom. KUSA photo

CENTENNIAL, CO (KUSA) - The bond between a mother and her daughter can be pretty special. Such is the case with Megan McMorris and her baby girl, Louise.

Louise was born with a rare medical condition called albinism. The disease affects 1 in 17,000 people. It reduces the pigmentation in a person's hair, skin and eyes.

At 8-months-old, Louise can barely see a thing. She's considered legally blind.

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"It's hard for me as a mom. She never makes eye contact with me," McMorris said.

Louise has the rarest form of the condition known as OCA-1. There is no cure for albinism.

Fortunately, McMorris was introduced to a specialist who is known around the world. She's based out of Minneapolis and has done a ton of research into the disease.

The specialist prescribed Louise a special pair of glasses, which allowed her to see her mother somewhat clearly for the first time in her life.

"It was the best moment. I will remember that forever. Absolutely," McMorris said.

The moment was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube. It has received nearly 10 million views.

The glasses are not considered a cure, but they will help improve Louise's sight. For now, mom and daughter are both happy they can experience their new view on life.

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