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Too Much Cheering and Jeering Could Cause Serious Problems

Avoid voice strain during Super Bowl

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 The Super Bowl is just days away and most people are making plans for the big game. ready to scream and cheer for their team.      

Dr. Michael Benninger,Cleveland Clinic says "We saw a lot of people that had actually yelled so loudly they actually hemorrhaged into their vocal fold, they actually had a bruise in their vocal fold and in those cases we get people on almost complete voice rest because that can consolidate into a scar or polyp."  
During a big game, people tend to use their voices more than they normally would and in noisy places, like bars and restaurants.
In addition, alcohol contributes to voice problems by drying out your throat which can make screaming more damaging.

Dr. Benninger suggests knowing your vocal limitations and keeping tabs on how your voice is doing throughout the night.  

Dr. Michael Benninger,Cleveland Clinic says "If you're starting to feel like you're starting to get hoarse, a little bit scratchy, if it's bad then, it's going to be worse later ,so you should probably start pulling back on it a little bit."

He adds that there are two things you can do to be louder, without necessarily being so traumatic.

Dr. Michael Benninger, Cleveland Clinic says "Get a full chest of air so you can really project your voice so that's the first thing. Most people are doing it at the end of their speech and then they're kind of like this and they don't get enough volume. Number two is that when you're doing it, do it in very short increments - a little bit of loud voice and then bring it back."

If you're hoarse after the game, Dr. Benninger recommends resting your voice and staying hydrated for a faster recovery.
Using a humidifier in your bedroom at night may also help soothe a rough, scratchy throat.
 If you're still hoarse after 3 or 4 days, it's time to see a doctor, so enjoy the game, just try not to scream so much.

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