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UPDATE: Parents, school officials reacts to student stabbing

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Police and Sheriff's cars at Lookout Valley Middle/High School Thursday morning. WRCBtv.com Police and Sheriff's cars at Lookout Valley Middle/High School Thursday morning. WRCBtv.com
Parents received this text from school administrators Thursday. Parents received this text from school administrators Thursday.

UPDATE: Hamilton County Superintendent Rick Smith reacts to Thursday's student stabbing student at Lookout Valley Middle High School. Smith says more surveillance cameras will soon be deployed at all Hamilton County Schools.

"We're going to be strategic as to where those cameras are.  We're going to fund it in such a way that there's going to be lots hopefully, and when I say lots of equipment, not only the type of equipment but where we locate that equipment is going to be something that helps us. I think it will do lots of things, for example today, if we had a camera in the hall would we have seen something before class that might have indicated to us that there was a problem between the two? I don't know but fact of the matter we're going to do that, I think that's important “

The cameras are to be funded by the recent sale of Ooltewah Elementary School.

UPDATE: Police cars lining the circle drive in front of Lookout Valley Middle High School was the first thing parent Shannon Keef saw when she rushed to pick up her ninth-grade daughter Thursday morning.

"It's just a great reunion just to be able to see your kid, hug them and hold them and know they're ok," Keef said.

Bobby Woods was there to pick up his sixth-grade granddaughter.

"I didn't know what was going on," Woods said.

School officials wouldn't let him inside during the lockdown.

"He didn't even open the door, he just told me through the glass," said Woods.

Authorities say the stabbing happened in a seventh-grade classroom.

"The female did stab the male victim twice," said HSCO Public Information Officer Janice Atkinson.

Parents received an automated phone call from the school, plus a text message after the lockdown was lifted. The text cited an "emergency situation" that was being handled by authorities, and that all students were safe and in class.

"It's just sad, just hopefully people will now be more aware," Keef said. "If nothing else, look through your kid's stuff."

A Hamilton County deputy is assigned as the LVMHS school resource officer, who according to the Sheriff's Office, is the one handling the investigation.

UPDATE: The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office has confirmed to Channel 3 there was a stabbing at Lookout Valley Middle High School about 9:45am Thursday morning.

Officials say that a 12-year-old girl stabbed a 13-year-old boy twice with a knife.

The boy has been transported to a nearby hospital for examination and treatment of what are said to be non-life-threatening wounds from the stabbing.

School officials tell Channel 3 that the student is in "serious, but stable" condition and is expected to be in surgery this afternoon.

The girl has been charged with attempted criminal homicide and carrying a weapon on school property.

The school was locked down as a precautionary measure.

Parents have arrived at the school, and some left early with their children.

A text was sent out to parents shortly after the incident to update them on the situation at the time.

Hamilton County School Superintendent Dr. Rick Smith tells Channel 3 that security upgrades have been in the works for all Hamilton County Schools prior to today's incident.

The security upgrades were funded by the sale of the Ooltewah Elementary School.

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