The Bradley County Sheriff's Office is issuing an alert about another "Green Dot" card swindle. 

The caller advises there is an arrest warrant on file for the citizen; however, that citizen could pay a fee to resolve the issue. The “Scam Officer” directs the citizen to go to a Wal-Mart to purchase a Green Dot money card for a specific amount of money, and then call the “scammers” back at the telephone number provided. One issue that is more serious is that now the criminals involved in the incidents use actual names of Bradley County officers, while calling from this area's 423 area code and local pre-fix numbers such as 650, 284, 605, 715, 716 or others.

The Bradley County Sheriff's Office wants the public to know this is a completely fraudulent enterprise. Sheriff Watson strongly advises NOT to send money to anyone who calls and identifies himself or herself as representing the Bradley County Sheriff's Office even if the name they use is familiar to you. Deputies DO serve warrants, however they do NOT request money, nor would they ever direct anyone to buy a Green Dot Card.

If you receive one of these “scam” calls, hang up and immediately call law enforcement.