An accidental call to 911 lands two Cleveland women in jail on drug charges.


When an emergency dispatcher answered the call, she heard two women discussing where to buy drugs, obviously unaware they had dialed 911.


The call came into dispatch around midnight last Wednesday.

"911 what's the location of your emergency?" the female dispatcher said, "Hello?"

The call started off as static, but a few words caught the dispatcher's attention.

"You got some dope?" one woman said, "Hell yeah!"

So the dispatcher kept listening, and alerted a patrol officer of an accidental call to 911.

"According to her, it was just a pocket dial," said Officer Kody Fox, Cleveland Police.

Officer Fox went to the location of the initial call to 911 and followed the path the two women took in their car, information he was given by the dispatcher.

The two women unknowingly stayed on the line, arguing over money and where to get drugs. They even went as far as saying what apartment number they were going to, which helped dispatch track their location.

Officer Fox met the two women, traveling in their car, as they were leaving the apartment at the intersection of Ocoee Street and Weeks Drive. The officer pulled over the car and asked the two women if they had anything illegal on them.

"Once we walked them through what their conversation was like, they confessed to what they had, pretty much told us everything," Fox said.

Police arrested Terri Sharp-Frazier and Shirley Blair for drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Officer Fox says it's not an unusual crime, but it's the first time he's made an arrest off of a pocket dial.

"We spoke to them a little bit to let them know we heard everything they had said for the past 15 minutes," said Fox.