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Forever Family: Kal el

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At 6'2" Kal'el says he hopes to keep growing so he can reach anything.  He loves to be helpful.  Those who know him best describe him as delightful, funny and is super focused when playing with something he loves.

For Kal'el, it's not just the Llego toys, it's the books and the movies. He hopes for a happy ending in his childhood, a forever family

Kal'el, "Someone who's nice, wealthy and likes to go to church I'm a Christian."

He hopes a forever family will take him to church.

Kal'el loves to laugh with others, but he wanted to make sure we knew he was serious about his faith...

Kal'el, "Oh there's one important thing I love about church, Jesus, reason for church and because he loves children like me."

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