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Two Tennessee cities among 25 unhealthiest cities nationwide

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Who would have thought your health could vary because of where you live?

According to the 2014 American Fitness index, it does. They compiled the numbers for 50 cities across the U.S. taking a look at the healthiest and unhealthiest cities across the country.

They based their findings on exercise rates, eating habits, chronic health problems as well as access to parks and recreational activities, access to doctors and whether or not people in that city have health insurance.

You might be surprised to know, Tennessee's only two cities listed in the research, Memphis and Nashville, were two of the unhealthiest, with Memphis sitting in last place at number 50 due to its low physical fitness rates and limited number of highly rated doctors.

"I am surprised," said Jack Findley.

Findley is an avid runner and takes his health seriously.

"It's part of my lifestyle. It's something my wife and I, we've been committed to," said Findley. "Six or seven times a week, pretty much every day of the week."

He believes if Chattanooga had been on the list, Tennessee would have seen slightly better results, saying the community has latched onto fitness in the last 10 years.

"Not only do we have a good running community, but out cycling community is excellent, kayaking. You have a multitude of outdoor activities that are way healthy, they can create a lifestyle for folks," said Findley.

He says the title of unhealthiest can and should be stripped away, with just a few habit changes.

"I think unhealthy food has become a part of our culture, but that doesn't mean we can't still adapt those things and still enjoy them. But have balance in life and being active and healthy as well," said Findley.

Nashville sat at 46 out of 50 on the list.

If you'd like to see the completed list, click here.

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