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Low temperature brings early morning flurry on Saturday

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Many in the higher elevations woke up Saturday morning to a little dusting on the ground and even their cars.

"It's cold this morning. I need a jacket," said John Moon.

Snow lightly covered the ground Saturday morning on signal mountain, giving many locals a reality check that winter is here; contrary to the high temperatures we saw just last week.

“Well we've gone from warm weather, shorts and short sleeves to coats and still cold,” said Bob Thurston.

John Moon says he took advantage of that warmer weather.

"Worked in the yard, cut a tree, sawed it up, playing with my new puppy," said Moon.

He wishes it would have stuck around a little longer.

"[It was] real comfortable and easy to navigate in the yard when it was warmer. This morning was a little different," said Moon.

The constant weather change adds an extra step when trying to figure out what to wear.

"Put my head out the door and whatever it is I'll pick up or take off something," said Moon.

They're hoping for the ground hog, Chattanooga Chuck, to predict an early spring for the Tennessee valley.

"We're counting on it breaking and being nice. If not, we'll go to Florida," said Thurston.

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