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Two East Ridge Middle students suspended for weapons at school

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EAST RIDGE, TN (WRCB) - Two East Ridge Middle School students, both males, have been arrested for a single charge each for possessing a weapon on school property.  East Ridge police say one of the arrested students was found to be in possession of a firearm, and the other was found to be in possession of a knife.  During the school day an unidentified student passed a written note to a teacher advising that a specific student had a gun with them.  The School Resource Officer was notified by school administration and immediately removed the suspect from class and performed a pat-down of the student.  The SRO found a loaded revolver that the juvenile suspect had concealed on his person.  He advised police that he was holding the gun for another student.  Police then removed the other student from class and discovered that he was carrying a knife in his pocket.  That student admitted to having handled the revolver on the bus Thursday, but did not indicate that he had provided it to the first suspect.  Both juvenile suspects were arrested and transported to Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center.  There was no incident of violence, no known threats made, and no injuries.

Both students are suspended for one calendar year for bringing a loaded gun to the campus, under zero tolerance policies.  The suspended students will have the opportunity to appeal, according to Holmes.

Holmes said he was proud of school administrators, teachers, and the School Resource Officer for "handling the situation in a professional manner, ensuring the safety of the students."  He added, "I'm pleased that we have a school atmosphere in which students are comfortable going to adults to report any sign of potential danger."

The incident was investigated "around 9 a.m." according to Holmes. 
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