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New police technology can see through walls

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It sounds like science fiction. But what inventor Gene Greneker and the Georgia Tech Research Corporation have come up with is a real life x-ray vision that can "see" up to 50 feet behind walls.

KS: So I'm hiding behind this wall, you can't see me?

GG: Not visually.

GG: I see you between the wall echo and another echo over in the room...

KS: so if i were somebody running from the police and I was like exhausted - breathes - what do you see there?

GG: Well I see the respriation signature very large at this point.

KS: Should I be afraid its that easy to use the electronic to see through a wall?

GG: I don't think so...

But when U.S. Marhals in Wichita, Kansas used a handheld version of the radar like the one to find fugitive Steven Denson inside a home…it raised questions.

Without a search warrant, is this technology unconstitutional snooping?

Christopher Soghoian, ACLU, "We believe that a device like this that allows the police to peer into people's living rooms, to look into people's homes is an inherently creepy technology particularly because it can be used without the people who it's being targeted at ever learning that its taking place."

An estimated 50-police agencies have quietly equipped their officers with these Range-R Radar Systems.

The company that makes it shared this video..but would not comment on it's use by law enforcement. 

The military has used this equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It has even been used to try to find survivors buried in the rubble of collapsed buildings.

Gene Greneker, inventor, "I think it's great and I hope it saves the lives of many officers."

The radar units are now about the size of a stud finder.  The question yet to be ruled on by the courts: can police use these radars without a warrant.
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