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Student changes dorm room to ball pit

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In a typical dorm room you might find a TV, computer, maybe a refrigerator.

One Rice University student has turned his dorm room into something much more unusual.

David Nichol got his awesome idea last semester and paid $500 for 13-thousand plastic balls.

The University says there were some initial concerns, but they let him keep them.

Reporter: How did your room become a ball pit?

David: Well, I ordered a bunch of plastic balls and then I put them into the room.

Reporter: But why David? People are gonna see this and say, 'why?'

David: A lot of people are like, 'why?' but then they think about it for a second and they're like, 'wait, no, that just sounds awesome.'

David only has a few more months to enjoy his homemade ball pit, he graduates in May.

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