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Chattanooga welcomes nearly 100 new US citizens

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A naturalization ceremony held at the Federal Courthouse Wednesday granted citizenship to people wanting to fulfill the American dream.

Tien Ly Brown was born and raised in Vietnam. In 2011, love brought her to Chattanooga but it's her hard work that is keeping her here.
"I want to, my life, keep going up," Tien Ly said, "I like to work and someday my future is improving."
Nearly 50 others joined Tien Ly in reciting the oath that finalizes their citizenship.

"She keeps emphasizing that to me, the freedom she enjoys here," said her father-in-law John Brown.
Brown is a U.S. Marine veteran and served in the Vietnam war.
In 2008 he went back to Vietnam as part of a reunion tour, and that's when he met Tien Ly.

"One of the hotels we stayed in, I was browsing the gift shops and all and I met her, and we talked," John said.
There was something about the gift shop clerk that made John think of his son, Thomas.
He asked Tien Ly if he could set them up.

"And we started talking, writing letters, phone calls," Thomas said, "And I went over with my father in '09, and then in 2010 I went by myself, and at that point I already decided, I'd like to ask her if she'd marry me."
The couple now live on Signal Mountain and Tien Ly hopes to open her own beauty store since she has her cosmetology license, but first, she wanted to become an American.

Two naturalization ceremonies were held at the Federal Courthouse Wednesday and nearly 100 people became U.S. citizens.

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