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Signal Mtn. grad hits basket from half court to win $1,000 towards tuition

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Samford University student and Signal Mountain graduate Hogan Whitmire was one of two students to attempt a half-court shot during halftime between Samford and Chattanooga Thursday.  

From 47 feet away Whitmire sank the half-court shot during halftime winning $1,000 tuition on behalf of Talladega Superspeedway which sponsored the competition. 

β€œIt was an unbelievable feeling,” said Whitmire, a sports medicine major who says he never really practiced half-court attempts. β€œI always take crazy shots when I am in the gym and probably shoot better around that range than from the 3-point line, but I never actually tried those shots. I am really thankful to the speedway for offering this promotion. Who knows, maybe (Samford Head) Coach (Scott) Padgett may offer me a scholarship,” he joked.

He plans to put the $1,000 tuition to good use to go to dental school later this year. 

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