Several animals rescued from Sequatchie County last month are ready to find new homes. The very first adoption took place Tuesday afternoon.

While several dogs are ready for new homes right now, some of them still need to gain more weight and get spayed or neutered. Officials at the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society expect about a dozen more to hit the adoption floor later this week.

Kim and Dale Bolton were looking for a new addition to their family after their long-time pet died several weeks ago. With "steve" -- it was love at first sight.

"He caught our eye immediately," Kim said.

Steve was one of dozens of animals rescued from Sequatchie County last month.

"We actually spotted him on the video," said Dale.

Steve was skin and bones, living in dirty and deplorable conditions. Former owner, Geoffrey Peterson, now faces several charges of animal cruelty.

The Bolton's knew they wanted to rescue a pup from HES after seeing the news stories.

"He was very curious," Kim said about her new adopted pet. "He had his nose right up in the cage and wagging his tail. And i thought, if you can wag your tail in those circumstances, you're a happy dog."

Volunteers are working with other dogs who need extra attention.

"Some need a little extra work, like Luke," said HES volunteer, Yvonne Ownby. She's working to help Luke, a border collie, trust people again.

"I've been trying to spend an awful lot of time with him," Ownby said.

At first, Luke was terrified and wouldn't even come out of his cage, but he has come a long way in a few short weeks.

"He's still shy, but he's been known to give me a few kisses," said Ownby.

While some adjust to people immediately, Ownby said it can be a slow process to teach other dogs to be comfortable with getting love again.

While Luke will hit the adoption floor soon, other dogs are ready to find a forever home right now.

"I get a little emotional about it because seeing these dogs from where they came from, to now... I mean, it's just the greatest feeling in the world," said Ownby.

"Dogs give us so much joy," Kim said. "When we can take one that has had a horrible life to begin with and give it a better one... then that's just very rewarding to both of us."

If you're interested in seeing the animals available for adoption, stop by HES during business hours at 212 North Highland Park Avenue, Chattanooga, or contact them at (423) 624-5302.