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Hundreds march in Chattanooga in honor of MLK Day

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Hundreds marched.

"This is for all mankind and a mixture of people and it's a blessing to see a mixture of people here and a mixture of people joining together for the same cause," said Lee Jones.

They're marching together as one, remembering a man who did so much for his country 50 years ago.

“His ideal was for everyone to be together and everyone to prosper and for everyone to be judged by who they are and not by their color but character," said Anitrea Harris.

He not only led the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 60s, helping end racial segregation, but was also an advocate for non-violence.

"Dr. King wasn't just working for black people, Dr. King gave his life for our country, for whites and blacks," said Franklin McCallie.

King's dream is one McCallie hopes to see come to full life in Chattanooga.

"There's a tremendous barrier between blacks and whites that I feel in this city. 1 thing some of us blacks and whites are trying to do is break that barrier. To say listen we are all human beings,” said McCallie. "It's going to take every single one of us; it's going to take individuals. That's what I'm trying to do; I'm trying to live up to that dream."

A dream that means so much to so many.

"It means freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of action, freedom to go and come as you please. Freedom from violence," said Jones.

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