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Forever Family: Tabitha "Tabby"

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Tabitha "Tabby", "I really like being outside being able to do so, not just sit around I like to move around."

You won't catch this teen standing still, Tabitha who likes to be called Tabby, is high energy and has high ambitions. She wants to do well in school

Tabby, "I really like it because you can go a lot farther in life if you go to school. It can give you good jobs and stuff." 

The good job she wants is to be a neonatal nurse. Meantime she loves to volunteer, especially helping the elderly.

Tabby, "I personally like to do the nursing homes, because cause a lot of e people there don't have people I like to go and make them feel good. And let them know they're cared about." "It makes me feel good that people know they're cared for and loved and important.  "It just makes me feel happy."

And Tabby deserves the same from a forever family...

Tabby,"As long as they helped support me like emotionally and stuff and be there for me.  So I can feel like I have someone to go to and that they're for me."

Tabby has an incredible attitude she's determined to not let the past ruin her life.

Tabby, "Well when you've been through a lot you can't just only focus on that. The past is the past and you look back on it and it can help you." "Everything you'll learn in life, you'll use like if someone happens or something, you can go back in the future go back on that and say I made it through and you can like help other people who who have been through some stuff that you've been through and you can make it through I'm an example."

To find out more about Tabby use reference code TN010761

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