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FIRST ON 3: Sheriff Hammond's son arrested for domestic assault

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UPDATE: Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond has recused himself from an aggravated domestic assault case because the suspect arrested, is his son.

Officials said James Willis Hammond IV, 41 is charged with aggravated domestic assault. James who goes by "Jimi" is an employee of the Hamilton County Sheriff's IT Department. 

Officials said he has worked with his dad as a webmaster for the sheriff's office, since 2012.

The 41-year-old was booked on aggravated domestic assault charges Monday morning without incident. Deputies arrested him for hitting his wife over the head with a beer bottle, Sunday. 

In the police report, James Hammond told officers he and his wife had been arguing most of the day and for about "5 minutes he had enough".

The victim told deputies her husband quote " jumped her" when she got out of the shower. According to the report, she believed he hit her in the nose, pushed her into the bathroom mirror and hit her over the head with a beer bottle after an argument.

Deputies reported finding blood in the bathroom, a shattered mirror and blood on clothes that were hanging in a closet. The victim went to the hospital for a laceration on the top of her head. Deputies noted in their report that medical staff closed her wound with staples.

"Partnership is here 24/7, we provide that 24/7 hotline, it's confidential and you can call just talk to someone," said Regina McDevit, Senior Director, Crisis Center.

In a previous interview with Channel 3 Eyewitness News Regina McDevit says victims need to know their options and ways to stop the abuse. 

It's estimated, a woman is battered by her husband, boyfriend or live-in partner every 9 seconds in the U.S. For every reported case, officials say 10 cases go unreported.

The Partnership Crisis Center provides shelter, transitional housing, and other services to start over. Counselors say the first step in healing is to start talking.

"We should be talking about it everyday to our children, to our teens, because prevention is where we stop it," said McDevit.

Sheriff Jim Hammond spoke to Channel 3 by phone saying his son would be treated like any other employee accused of a crime. Per department policy, the younger Hammond was placed on paid administrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation.

In addition Sheriff Hammond says he will be taking a step back as a dad, recusing himself entirely from the case. All internal proceedings regarding his son will be handled by Chief Deputy Allen Branum. 

James Willis Hammond IV was arrested without incident and without any visible injuries. Investigators say he was determined to be the "primary aggressor." James Willis Hammond IV is being held in the Hamilton County Jail on a $20,000 bond.

PREVIOUS STORY: Deputies with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department arrested the sheriff's son Monday morning for aggravated domestic assault.

James "Jimi" Hammond IV, who also works for the department, was arrested without incident.

Hammond IV's wife told deputies her husband hit her in the head with a beer bottle after an argument Sunday.

According to the woman, her husband "jumped her" when she got out of the shower. She said the altercation included him pushing her into a mirror, causing it to shatter.

The woman went to the hospital for treatment and required staples on the top of her head.

Hammond told investigators the pair had been arguing most of the day and for "about 5 minutes, he had enough." He told deputies he struck her in the head with a beer bottle after she "had been hitting him in the face."

Arresting deputies say he had no visible injuries and was determined to be the “primary aggressor.”

In 2012, Hammond was hired as the sheriff's department full-time webmaster. Hammond's work number on the arrest affidavit is the number for the sheriff's department.

Hammond has been placed on administrative.

His father, Hamilton Sheriff Jim Hammond, has recused himself from any of the internal proceedings, according to a news release.

His bond is set at $20,000. He's due in court February 2.

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