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Katie Barkley continues to defy odds nearly a year later

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One little girl has spent the last year in recovery after an icy car crash left her severely injured and unable to control parts of her body.

Katie Barkley suffered spinal and brain injuries after the car she was riding in with her mother hit black ice and went down an embankment, before hitting a tree.

Nearly a year later, Katie is celebrating her 3rd birthday and the little victories she's made along the way.

"I'm just happy she made it to her birthday, because we didn't know if she would," said Katelynn Barkley, Katie's Mom.

She's come a long way in 11 months.

"The ability to just talk, stream together words and sentences, a lot of people didn't think she'd be able to remap her brain to be able to do that,” said Barkley.

And she's a talker.

She's continuing to defy the odds by re-learning how to do even the most simple of tasks, like getting around the house; although her parents are working with to help her develop those skills a little more.

"We finally got equipment where we can help her stand and walk for longer periods of time," said Barkley.

This birthday, Katie and her family are wishing for a full recovery, so that next year, she'll be jumping for joy.

Katelyn hopes Katie continues to progress so she may start kindergarten on time.

If you'd like to help Katie's family with medical bills, you can donate money to Southeast Bank and Trust, under the name Katie Barkley.

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