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Dirty floors, dented cans spell bad news for popular downtown eatery

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - Dining out this weekend? The inspectors at the Hamilton County Health Department inspected 18 restaurants this week. 

The good news no failing grades to pass along to you -- remember a failing grade is any score lower than a 70, but getting awfully close at 79 is Jefferson's Restaurant on Georgia Avenue, a popular downtown hangout.  

Inspectors found dented cans - by the way the supplier is responsible for replacing those cans - no paper towels at the kitchen sink, food was uncovered in the walk-in cooler, the dishwasher was dirty, the floors and walls need a good cleaning, and the cutting boards need replacing.

The high score of the week is a tie. Congratulations to Dominoes at 8530 Hixson Pike and Primo Chattanooga with a 99 - great way to start off this new year.

Remember, any complaints about a restaurant, hotel or motel, day care or a place your work out - that number is 423-209-8110. The health department has several people available to answer your complaints each weekday during regular business hours. The team of inspectors is also busy visiting Hamilton county schools this month both in the kitchen and all throughout the building.

Enjoy your meal.

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